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DUI accidents can lead to injuries and property damage, but they also may lead to a DUI case. If you’ve been involved in an accident, it could affect your future. However, having an accident doesn’t automatically mean that you’re guilty. 

A dependable Seattle DUI lawyer can defend you and help to protect your rights. The circumstances of your arrest and the mitigating factors involved also play a role in your criminal defense.

DUI cases are complex. Whether you’re charged with a minor DUI, a DUI offense, or have your case dismissed without DUI charges will depend on several factors. Sit down with the Weber Law office for a free consultation to discuss your legal issue. Or read on for more information about finding an aggressive defense with the best DUI lawyers. 

Seattle DUI Law

Criminal defense attorneys work in several key practice areas. Your Seattle, WA criminal defense attorney needs to have a firm grasp of DUI laws in Washington state. Driving under the influence is a serious offense, and that’s why criminal justice specialists recommend consulting with an experienced attorney if you’re facing alcohol-related driving offenses.

Washington’s Legal Limit

Washington’s DUI laws prohibit an individual from driving or being in actual physical control of a motor vehicle if:

  • They have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08% or greater
  • They have a THC concentration of 5 nanograms or more per milliliter of blood, or
  • They are under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or marijuana.

Actual Physical Control

Actual physical control means that a person has to be able to control the mechanics of the vehicle. But in Washington, the car doesn’t have to move for the defendant to be charged with a DUI. If the defendant is standing outside of their car with the keys in their hands, that is enough to be charged. 

Building Your DUI Defense

A DUI lawyer can provide optimal Washington state DUI defense when you provide all the details about your arrest.  Last year, over 29,000 such cases were filed in the municipal and district courts throughout Seattle, Bellevue, Everett, and Washington State. 

The difference between favorable and guilty verdicts in any jury trial is the information you provide. Help protect yourself from a criminal charge when you provide the following:

King County Arrest Documentation

Any official paperwork from the arrest can be useful in building your defense. Copies of police reports and other case documentation can help keep you out of the criminal justice system. 

Your Seattle DUI attorney will use your citations, bonding paperwork, court information, license suspension paperwork, and printouts from any breath test administered to establish your innocence. 

Detailed Account of What Transpired Before Your Arrest

Keeping a detailed description of what happened on the day of the incident may also help protect your claim. Noting where you were and what you were doing prior to your arrest, and if you had taken any medications may save your claim. 

During Your Arrest

If you were arrested under false pretenses, your case could be dismissed. If you agreed to a field sobriety test, did the law enforcement officer first explain your rights and the possible consequences of refusing the exam? 

Breathalyzer Exams

It can also be important to note how the breathalyzer test was conducted and what you were required to do. If you agreed to chemical blood testing, how was the test performed, and what type of test was given (breath, blood, or urine)? These can all be essential to give your Seattle DUI attorney the best opportunity to prepare your defense in Washington state. 

Health and Medical Conditions

If you have a medical condition that could cause your actions to be incorrectly interpreted as intoxication, then your DUI defense in Washington state may depend on that detail. Sit down with a Washington state criminal defense practice for a free consultation and discuss all of the factors at play in your DUI arrest. 

Property Damages

Preserve any damage done to your vehicle or property when there’s an accident.  Capturing photos and videos of your property after an accident could be useful evidence to defend your case. 

If you’re still unsure what steps to take to build your DUI cases, sit down with an experienced criminal law firm in Seattle. They can use their over a decade of knowledge and legal community in the Washington Foundation for Criminal Justice, criminal law section, municipal court, district court, and federal court to fight your case. 

Hiring The Right DUI Lawyers

Hiring the right Washington state DUI attorney is crucial to attaining a fair outcome for your case.  Not only are their credentials important, but also their experience with cases like yours. Also, their ability to nurture your attorney-client relationship can prove vital to building rapport and executing your criminal defense without hesitation. 

DUI Attorney Process

However, the process of selecting the right representation may prove difficult. The DUI attorneys at Weber Law have helped many people move forward after being charged with a DUI. Read on for more tips about finding the right lawyer to represent your case. 

Seattle DUI Attorney Costs

You may be wondering about the costs of a DUI attorney in your community. A higher price tag does not always mean better representation for your case. Their services, credentials, education, and experience should be considered before arranging payment. 

Ultimately, the DUI lawyer you acquire should be affordable according to your budget and experienced enough to handle the rigor associated with your case. Typically, the cost range may fall between roughly $2500-$3000 to $10000. 

Attorney-Client Relationship and Communication

The right DUI attorney for your case will foster an open exchange with dependable lines of communication. Your attorney won’t answer your phone calls or texts at all hours of the day, but their responses should be timely and offer you the support you require. Having an attorney, you can count on and communicate with will make a big difference in the outcome of your case. 

Experienced DUI Defense

Finding an experienced DUI attorney to represent you during a DUI can ensure that you’re receiving a fair chance. If your law firm specializes in these types of charges and has been through the process several times with great outcomes, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands. 

DUI attorneys may not be able to provide answers for every question, but they will know the best way to find the information that you seek. If your prospective Seattle, WA attorney does not provide you with the information you request, then they may not have the experience needed to ensure a good outcome in your case. One of the best ways to find out is to seek a free consultation with them to pick their brains. 

DUI Attorney Credentials

If your Washington state DUI attorney is a member of the National College for DUI Defense, Washington State Bar Association, Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, then they’re more likely to have the skills necessary to prepare your defense. 

Seattle Area DUI Lawyer

Seek a Seattle area attorney prepared to fight for a case dismissal, negotiate a deal, or take your DUI to trial. Having an attorney with experience and an office location in your community may help you overcome your claim. Don’t hesitate to contact Weber Law today for a free consultation.

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