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Homicide is one of the most serious crimes a person can be charged with, not only in Washington, but around the world. Specifically, in Washington, being found guilty of homicide can come with a lengthy imprisonment. There are different aspects to the crime of homicide, all of which come with serious penalties. A charge of homicide can follow you for life.  Do not face these charges alone. Do not face the court room alone. Let Weber Law help you today!

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Washington Homicide Charges and Penalties

How is the crime Homicide defined?

In Washington, homicide is defined as the killing of a human being by the act, procurement, or omission of another, death occurring at any time, and is either (1) murder, (2) homicide by abuse, (3) manslaughter, (4) excusable homicide, or (5) justifiable homicide.

As there are different aspects to the crime of homicide, it is important to have legal counsel who is knowledgeable in the law.

What are the different aspects of the crime of Homicide?

There are different aspects of the crime of homicide which include but are not limited to:

1. Murder is premeditated intent to cause the death of another person, when the person acts with extreme indifference to human life or commits certain crimes that end with the death of a person.  Plotting to burglarize a home and killing the homeowner during the act of burglarizing is an example of murder.

2. Homicide by abuse is when a person causes the death of a child or person under sixteen years of age, developmentally disabled person, or a dependent adult, and that person has previously engaged in a pattern or practice of assault or torture to the victim.  After a few weeks of refusing to feed your child as a punishment, your child dies.  That is an example of homicide by abuse.

3. Manslaughter is when a person recklessly causes the death of another person; or intentionally and unlawfully kills an unborn child by inflicting an injury upon the mother of a child, or when the person causes the death of another person with criminal negligence.  Shooting a gun in the air where the bullet strikes and kills someone can be considered manslaughter.

No matter the circumstances of the crime, a homicide charge is extremely serious.  Legal expertise is needed to move forward.

What is the Punishment?

There are different punishments depending on the circumstances around the homicide, but any conviction of homicide is extremely serious.  In Washington, if a person is found guilty of murder in the first degree, they shall be punished by life imprisonment.  Second degree murder, homicide of abuse, and first-degree manslaughter are considered class A felonies.  Manslaughter in the second degree is a class B felony.

A class A felony is punishable by life imprisonment, or by a fine of $50,000.00, or both.

A class B felony is punishable by imprisonment for up to 10 years, a fine of up to $20,000.00, or both.

Even as a Defendant of a Crime, you still have Rights! Make sure yours were not violated!

Even as an individual facing criminal charges, you have rights. It is important to know those rights and make sure that they were not violated in any way when you were arrested or charged.  Without extensive knowledge of your rights when it comes to police searches, Miranda rights, and your rights when it comes to arrest, it is extremely difficult to get a dismissal or reduction of your charges.  Do not try and fight these charges on your own, Weber Law is ready to help you today.

Contact Weber Law immediately if you’ve been arrested on a homicide charge. We offer a free confidential case evaluation – serving Seattle and the surrounding areas.

Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney

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Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney

How can WEBER LAW help you?

It can be scary and nerve wracking to have criminal charges on your record, but it has an added severity when life in prison and enormous fines are the potential sentences.  The court system can be intimidating and without good legal help, the consequences can be devastating.  Our experienced team is comfortable looking at evidence, negotiating potential plea agreements, and defending you in court. There are ways to fight the charge of homicide. Weber Law will look at all the evidence available, including but not limited to, speaking to potential witnesses, looking at the crime scene, and your alibi.  Weber Law will work to lower your charge or sentence.  We will fight for you to keep your record clean.  Homicide, no matter the circumstances, is not a charge that you want to fight alone.  Let our team of experienced attorneys help you navigate the criminal justice system. If you or someone you know has been charged with homicide in the State of Washington, contact Weber Law for your consultation today.


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Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney

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