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Whether you have been convicted or not, a criminal record can significantly affect your life in a negative way for a long period of time. You may lose the ability to obtain employment, admissions to schools, or housing. Apart from this, your social life will be affected as well. If you need an expungement for your Utah criminal records, seek help from the premier defense attorneys at Weber Law. 

What is an Expungement Utah, and What Are the Benefits?

Under Utah law, most people with criminal records have a chance to hide their records from public view through the Utah Expungement Act. However, Utah only allows the clearing of a criminal record under certain circumstances. Only the following types of records can be cleared or expunged:

Not everyone convicted of a crime is eligible for an expungement process. To find out if you are eligible, contact Weber Law as soon as possible. 

The Benefits of Getting Your Criminal Record Expunged

Most people deserve a second chance, so if you want a fresh start, Weber Law is here to discuss your case and your legal options. If you are looking to get your criminal record expunged, get in touch with our Utah expungement attorneys to obtain expungement orders. 

The greatest benefit of having your record expunged is that your charge will be removed from your official public record. It may also restore some rights that are generally restricted by a criminal record. 

By having your criminal record expunged, you may benefit from better job opportunities and become eligible for housing assistance, student loans, some government agencies’ aid, and professional licenses or certifications. Moreover, you will no longer have to be embarrassed or nervous if someone conducts a background check on you. 

Expunging a Criminal Record in Utah Depends on Your Criminal Conviction

Utah allows expungement of a criminal record if there was a conviction or not. Suppose Utah courts find that you are eligible for expungement. In that case, the process for expunging records will differ depending on whether your criminal record includes a conviction or not. Both situations require you to obtain a certificate of eligibility. 

You may receive the certificate after the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification performs a criminal record check. They may even check previously expunged records to determine your eligibility.

Expunging a Record Without a Criminal Conviction

Under Section 77-40-104 of the Utah Code of Criminal Procedure, to start the process of expunging a criminal record without conviction requires at least 30 days to have passed since the arrest and no criminal cases pending. The process also requires one of the following to occur:

  • No charges were filed
  • If charges were filed, the case was dismissed with prejudice or acquitted at trial
  • The statute of limitations has expired

By seeking legal assistance from the criminal defense attorneys at Weber Law, you will significantly increase your chances of having your criminal records expunged. Our dedicated and professional team will sit down with you to assess your situation and determine your best options. 

Whether you need a lawyer to represent you in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, or the surrounding areas in Utah, we are here to help determine your expungement eligibility based on your complete criminal history. Contact Weber Law today to learn more and let us help you.

Expunging a Criminal Record with a Conviction

Compared to the process of expunging your criminal record without conviction, a criminal record with conviction has more requirements. The process may be time-consuming and intimidating, but it is well worth the effort to start a new life and regain your rights. 

To expunge your record of conviction you first need to obtain a certificate of eligibility. It may require that you:

  • Pay all fines, restitution, and interest
  • Allow statutory time periods to pass after the conviction date release or from probation, incarceration, or parole

Depending on the type of crime you want to be expunged, the length of time that needs to pass for an expunged record varies:

  • 10 years for misdemeanors involving DUIs and reckless driving, or other felonies related to the Utah Controlled Substances Act
  • 7 years for felonies
  • 5 years for Class A misdemeanors
  • 4 years for Class B misdemeanors
  • 3 years for other misdemeanors or infractions

If you are interested in filing for juvenile expungement, seek help from our legal team. We will determine your potential eligibility by obtaining a copy of your court records. Call us today at (888) 494-6986 if you want to get your Utah criminal records cleared.

Understanding What Cannot Be Expunged from Your Criminal Records

The Utah Department of Legislature can determine that your crime will never be expunged, so you may not be able to clear your record and start your life anew.

Under Utah law, you cannot expunge your record if you were convicted of crimes such as capital felony, a first-degree felony, violent felonies, felony DUI, automobile homicide, or a registrable sex offense.

Additionally, you will not be eligible for expungement if any of the following are true:

  • You have a criminal case pending
  • You have provided false or misleading information about your certificate of eligibility application
  • You have separate criminal episodes of two or more felony convictions, three or more crimes of which two are Class A misdemeanor convictions, four or more crimes of which three are Class B misdemeanors, five or more crimes of any degree other than traffic offenses or certain infractions

If you have too many convictions, Weber Law can still help. In most cases, people can get eligible for expungement through a process called 402 Reductions. Our premier attorneys will go back into your old cases and start to make motions to reduce the level of offense in each case. 

Leave the complicated and multiple steps of expunging a criminal conviction in Utah to the professionals of Weber Law. If you or a loved one wants to get a criminal record expunged, call us today to schedule a free and confidential consultation. It’s time to step up and clear your record.

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