Robbery vs. Theft

When you are accused of taking something that does not belong to you, it can upend your life. An arrest can be an embarrassing, upsetting experience; if you are convicted, your future may be on the line.  You are accused of a criminal offense when you are accused of stealing something, whether by deception or …

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What Does “Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor” Mean?

Many of us interact with minors daily, whether at work, raising children, or babysitting. During those interactions, we typically try to better the lives of the children or, at least, leave them unharmed. However, you could be accused of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, a serious accusation that can impact your future.  But …

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Colorado Assault in the Second Degree, What Are Your Defenses?

Written By: Thomas Weber Assault is a crime, and can occur before you even understand that it’s happened. Since assault is considered a serious crime in Colorado, a hasty decision could end up leaving you with an assault in the second-degree charge.  Colorado criminal defense law professionals know which types of actions can result in …

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How To Get Out of a Hit and Run Charge

Written By: Thomas Weber The penalties for a hit-and-run charge vary depending on the circumstances but often result in jail time or more. When individuals flee the scene of the accident, this is considered a criminal charge and could result in financial penalties. Overcoming hit-and-run charges are possible with the right criminal defense.  First, let’s …

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Denver DUI Statistics

Law enforcement agencies in Denver and other Colorado cities have made drunk driving arrests a top priority. Consequently, thousands of drivers are sent to jail for drunk or impaired driving in Colorado every year. While drunk driving is responsible for many accidents and traffic fatalities, agencies like the Colorado State Patrol often make critical mistakes …

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Can domestic violence charges get dropped?

Colorado’s complex laws can cause complications for those accused of domestic violence. Even if the victim wants to drop domestic violence charges, a judge can’t stop the case from being prosecuted. This means that for a domestic violence case, only the state prosecutor can decide whether or not to dismiss domestic violence cases. Sometimes, the …

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