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Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney California Colorado Utah Washington

Charged with Domestic Violence? Your Immigration Status is at Risk!

A defense attorney can be your lifeline when your immigration status is at risk due to charges against you involving domestic violence (DV) crimes.
In our previous post, we talked about how a DV label encompasses so many actions which most people would normally dismiss as trivial. For instance, a push can technically be an assault, and, can therefore, be labelled as DV.

Having a DV label has far-reaching ramifications, including your name being entered into several databases, specifically, Utah licensing databases. This then would limit your prospects for getting hired into sensitive jobs such as school teacher. Having a DV label may also make you a less desirable tenant.

A Domestic Violence Label Has Very Nasty Impacts On Your Immigration Status

Even if your crime is not a big deal — for example, you only pushed somebody — a DV label can seriously jeopardize your immigration status.

If you are illegally staying in the US, you can be deported for any criminal case. Even if you are legally staying in the US and all your immigration papers are in good order, you can still face deportation if you plead guilty and are convicted for certain crimes.

Contact Utah defense attorney Thomas Weber at (801) 845-0956 immediately if you are accused of a DV crime or any crime.

A domestic violence charge or conviction may stay with you for life
Once you have a criminal record, prospective employers, landlords, banks, and others can see it, and without a powerful defense, the record may stay with you for life.

Even a protective order issued against you by your accuser can reflect negatively on you because it creates a criminal record. Let’s briefly discuss what the consequences are of having a protection order issued against you.

If you have a child with your accuser, you may not be able to see your child, or you may be allowed to see your child only if it is especially arranged as a supervised visitation.
You may not be able to contact your child by any other means (phone, email, messenger) unless through an intermediary. If you share a home with your accuser, you could be forced to move out. You could even be restricted from living close to your former home, or to even driving on roads which are near your former home. If you and your accuser work together, you might not be allowed to have any form of contact or interaction. In some cases, you might not be even allowed to contact family members and / or common friends that you share with your accuser.

What Other Criminal Charges or Conviction can Result in Deportation?

There is a non-exhaustive list of crimes that have major consequences on your immigration status.

In general, crimes involving moral turpitude, which is any crime which shows that the alleged offender has bad moral character.

Domestic violence, perjury, theft and drug use or drug sale are all crimes involving moral turpitude. Prostitution is also another crime involving moral turpitude, as well as child abuse, fraud and others.

When accused, don’t do anything without contacting your defense attorney first. Don’t talk to the police. Instead, demand that you speak to your defense attorney. These numbers could save your life: (801) 845-0956. Speak to Attorney Thomas Weber.

Utah defense attorney Thomas Weber can help expunge your criminal record.

A seasoned defense attorney can work with you to reduce the charges or drop the case altogether if possible. If you have been previously convicted of domestic violence and other crimes, I can also attempt to help remove your criminal record through a process called expungement.

Get a free initial consultation and mount up a strong defense against domestic violence crimes. Avoid the possibility of deportation and secure your future in America. Call the Law Ninja Atty Thomas Weber at (801) 845-0956 at today!

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