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Weber Law's Team of Private Criminal Investigators

Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney

The Criminal Defense Law Ninjas

We practice people law. People law is the type of law focused on strengthening families, individuals, and businesses by personal connection and face-to-face interaction.

More often than not, a private criminal investigator can be the crucial factor in a winning criminal defense case. Our investigators are seasoned and experienced in finding witnesses and evidence that can establish reasonable doubt. 

Our Investigators

Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney

Nick DeLand

Nick DeLand is a retired law enforcement officer, son of a prominent criminal defense attorney, and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Ashford University with a bachelor’s degree in Social and Criminal Justice. Mr. DeLand’s law enforcement experience includes uniformed patrol as well as years in various detective assignments, in addition to specialized training in a wide range of subjects including Internet crime, fraud, and financial crime, sex crime, assault, domestic violence, homicide, digital forensics, and many others. Since his retirement from the Salt Lake City Police Department in 2012, Mr. DeLand has conducted extensive and professional private criminal investigations for many of the most prestigious lawyers and firms in Utah and is now a valued member of our team.

*To verify a Weber Law investigator, please call Nick at (801) 810-7875.

Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney

Adam Burton

Adam Burton served many years as a sworn law enforcement officer for the Iron County Sheriff's Office where he supervised sheriff's office patrol deputies. Mr. Burton also served as a K9 handler which included narcotics detection and interdiction. Complementing his years of training and experience in law enforcement, Mr. Burton also served honorably in the United States Army where he earned various commendations and medals, including the Operation Iraqi Freedom medal.

Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney

John Bogen

John Bogen is a life-long Washington resident with over 30 years of Law Enforcement experience including over 10 years as a Detective, 4 years as a School Resource Officer, 4 years as a K-9handler, and 11 years in patrol. He has extensive training in Interview and Interrogation, Digital Investigations, Crimes Against Children, and Restorative Justice. His proudest accomplishments include exonerating two people wrongly charged with crimes and defending those individuals who have been charged with crimes they may not have committed. He believes law enforcement's role should be to take the least corrective action necessary to solve the problem and further believes that providing the best defense to individuals charged with a crime is the best way to truly ensure our system of justice works.

Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney

Melissa Fritz

Melissa Fritz has worked for over a decade as an investigator in law enforcement and private investigations. During her time in law enforcement, she worked corrections, patrol, and as a member of the drug task force. As a result of numerous and often intensive narcotics investigations, Ms. Fritz was named the Utah Narcotics Officers Association Officer of the Year. As a private criminal investigator, Ms. Fritz specializes in criminal defense and civil rights investigations.

Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney

Greg Rice

Greg Rice led a successful career for 21 years as an FBI Agent from 1998 to 2020. He honorably retired as a Special Agent with the FBI in 2020 and began his firm and became a licensed private investigator in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado. Mr. Rice was both an FBI Agent and an FBI Supervisor with a heavy emphasis for 18 years working in financial crimes investigations. His work included a broad spectrum of federal criminal investigations involving complex financial crimes, money laundering, mortgage fraud, workers compensation, Identity theft, bank fraud, intellectual property, background investigations, violent crimes, narcotics, gangs, civil rights, cyber-crime, and domestic terrorism. Mr. Rice served as a Supervisory Special Agent for the FBI in the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force in Washington, D.C. which implements the coordination of intelligence sharing toward disrupting and dismantling command and control elements of criminal organizations. He received the 2019 U.S. Treasury’s Fincen Director's Award for a major fraud investigation. He was also recognized in 2018 with an award by the Utah U.S. Attorney’s Office for work done on a large-scale nationwide fraud investigation. He is an investigator who possesses excellent knowledge of the federal criminal justice system and has developed quality relationships with both federal prosecutors and agents in the area. He possesses excellent oral and written communication skills, analytical skills, quality interviewing abilities, tenacity, strong personal initiative.

Sharon Daurelle

Sharon Daurelle spent over 32 years in public safety serving in various assignments and supervisory positions within the Utah state government, the majority of that time within the Utah Department of Corrections, Field Operations, Adult Probation & Parole (AP&P), and investigations. She worked closely with the courts and Board of Pardons and Parole, as well as prosecutors, defense attorneys, drug and alcohol programs and non-profits, prisons, contracted jails, and community correctional facilities. Additionally, Sharon was instrumental in developing or overseeing several components of the criminal justice system including the Mentally Ill Offender Program, Pre-Sentence Unit, Treatment, and Resource Center, Women’s Community Correctional Facility as well as the sex-offender community correctional center and brought the victim-offender dialogue in crimes of severe violence program to the State of Utah as well as trauma-informed care into various facilities. Leveraging her vast experience, Sharon trained several field officers, AP&P agents, and correctional officers in various specialties including domestic and sexual violence issues. Following her retirement, Sharon was the residential director of the largest domestic violence shelter in the state, then managed the Utah Attorney General’s Office Trafficking in Persons Task Force. As one of Weber Law’s team of private investigators, Sharon now brings her wealth of experience to the benefit of our clients

Josh Witte

Josh Witte has built up his investigative experience in financial and trafficking crimes working in partnership with large financial and auditing firms such as Goldman Sachs Group, Deutsche Bank, and PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP. Josh co-led a team that specialized in complex investigations that covered global banking clientele with related Patriot Act and trafficking crime allegations. He has led investigations that have identified billions of dollars in illicit funds in multiple countries. He also speaks fluent Spanish and can read documents in Portuguese with more languages soon to come.

Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney

Steve Tobias

Mr. Tobias has over thirty years of investigation experience in criminal, criminal defense, civil litigation, workplace misconduct, and corporate investigations. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership from Colorado State University and his Master's Degree in Human Resources from Seton Hall University.

Before becoming a Private Investigator, Mr. Tobias served as a police officer in Southern California for over 30 years. During this time, he was assigned to the detective bureau as an investigator, eventually promoted to the rank of sergeant where he reviewed and managed investigations of all types, and eventually promoted to the rank of lieutenant where he commanded the detective bureau, overseeing daily operations, budget, and search warrant accuracy.

Mr. Tobias spent the final seven years of his career commanding the Internal Affairs Division where he conducted misconduct investigations against police officers, civil litigation investigations, and claims investigations against the police department. During this time, Mr. Tobias developed the Department's first Internal Affairs Investigations manual and created a database for tracking misconduct allegations against police officers and other workplace-related investigations, including use of force incidents.

Mr. Tobias has been awarded the Medal of Valor for heroism and has been recognized as a police officer of the Year, and City Employee of the year. Additionally, he was a nominee for the United States Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor.

Justin Peterson

Justin Peterson began his investigative career at the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in Sep 1997. After graduating from the DEA Academy in Quantico, VA, Mr. Peterson worked as a field agent in numerous domestic jurisdictions including Laredo, TX, Puerto Rico, Phoenix, AZ, and Panama. In 2010, Mr. Peterson promoted to DEA management as the Resident Agent in Charge of the Merida, MX Resident Office, Strike Force Group Supervisor in Houston, TX, Unit Chief in El Paso, TX, and finished his career as the Andean Region Assistant Regional Director (ARD) over Ecuador. As the ARD, Mr. Peterson oversaw all DEA personnel and operations in the country of Ecuador. He also served on the Executive Board, or Country Team, of the US Embassy where strategic engagement with the Government of Ecuador by all sections of the Embassy were planned and coordinated. Mr. Peterson studied at Utah State University, earning a dual major Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Business Administration.

Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney
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