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If you are facing theft charges, you should know that Colorado theft laws have serious consequences. When you are accused of stealing, you need a Denver theft attorney to come to your defense to protect you from the negative implications of a Colorado theft crimes conviction.

Weber Law provides the aggressive defense needed for those accused of a theft crime. Contact our law office today to get a free initial consultation with a criminal lawyer who will work tirelessly to get a favorable outcome in your case.

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What Are Considered Colorado Theft Crimes?

In Denver, theft generally involves taking property without permission, though this is a broad definition. Theft crimes occur when someone takes anything of value without the owner’s consent.

Many people think these criminal charges are the result of snatching someone’s purse or wallet. While that would be considered a theft crime, there are many other actions that could result in theft charges. Those actions are usually combined with other crimes like burglary or fraud.

Some theft cases may involve allegedly returning stolen property to a store to obtain a profit or giving away property to others under false pretenses. It should be noted that services and labor could be considered property under Colorado law.

Different Types of Theft in Colorado

If you are facing a theft charge, the criminal justice system covers a wide range of types of theft.

Auto Theft

Known as aggravated motor vehicle theft or grand theft auto, it includes taking any powered vehicle. A second-degree auto theft charge is imposed if you knowingly take possession of a vehicle without the owner’s permission. First-degree charges involve changing the vehicle or removing its VIN number. If you injure someone while taking the vehicle, you will face more serious charges.


If you take property from a store without paying for it, it is considered shoplifting.


This theft crime involves misappropriation of funds that are taken without permission. The alleged theft is committed by a person of trust rather than a random stranger.

Theft of Rental Property

Rental property theft is one of the easiest mistakes to make. This occurs when you rent an item and do not return it by the end of the contract. It is easy for the item to slip your mind.

Credit Card Theft

Using someone else’s credit card, debit card, or checks without permission typically results in credit card theft. However, it is possible that the prosecution will push for credit card fraud in cases of ID or internet theft.

Colorado theft charges are usually based on the value of the stolen property. When you are charged with theft, you need a defense lawyer to help strengthen your case and work for the most favorable outcome possible in the circumstances.

Penalties for Theft Convictions in Denver

Whether you are facing petty theft or felony theft, any theft conviction has the potential to destroy your future. The crimes will be charged depending on the value of the property, whether a weapon was involved, how the alleged crime occurred, and if you have a criminal record.

This means that you could potentially have serious consequences for theft crimes in Colorado, especially if you are accused of aggravated robbery or other felony theft charges.

Since the penalties will vary based on the factors of your specific situation and the value of the stolen property, you could be facing Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3 misdemeanors, or even Class 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 felony charges.

For example, you could be charged with a petty offense which may mean up to 6 months in county jail for stealing property valued under $50. A Class 1 misdemeanor involves property valued from $750 up to $1,999 and could mean you spend up to one year in jail. At that point, anything over $2,000 becomes a felony charge.

Since felony charges are far more complex, you will want legal counsel for your criminal defense. If convicted, it is likely you will face prison time and substantial fines, along with other penalties. Work with a Denver theft attorney from Weber Law to have aggressive legal representation when fighting your charges.

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What Are the Long-Term Consequences of a Theft Conviction?

Taking another’s property is considered theft, but theft laws can also cover burglary, fuel piracy, and other charges. Even if you are facing a petty crime, you may suffer the consequences long after you’ve fulfilled your obligations.

You may find it difficult to find gainful employment with a conviction, especially when it comes to careers with financial responsibilities. Some businesses won’t hire anyone with a criminal record because they cannot trust someone who has committed a crime. In certain professional settings, this may impact the professional licensing you have, thereby ending your career.

The effects can be far-reaching, impacting your ability to rent suitable housing and causing friends and family to abandon you. This is why you need an experienced attorney on your side in Denver criminal courts.

Why You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Denver, Colorado

Understanding your legal options when you have been accused of theft crimes is imperative. This is why our law offices at Weber Law take the time to explain your charges and our strategies to poke holes in the prosecution’s claims.

Our extensive experience allows us to provide aggressive representation to our clients facing charges of theft in Colorado. Working with a criminal defense attorney in Denver is the best way to handle your charges.

The attorneys at Weber Law have defended charges from misdemeanor to felony. We work to examine every piece of evidence and challenge the prosecution to create a strong defense. You do not want to face theft charges on your own and wind up receiving harsher penalties, or be accused of something you did not do.

Contact Weber Law today to consult our attorneys and find out how we can help you fight the charges.

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