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When you are accused of sexual assault in Denver, Colorado, you are accused of a serious offense that can impact your quality of life. If convicted, you may face multiple years in prison which may leave you labeled a sex offender. That is why it is so important to connect with a Denver sexual assault defense attorney when you are accused of sex crimes. 

At Weber Law, we understand that recovering from these accusations can be difficult. We also know it can be difficult to fight back. With an attorney on your side to guide you through this difficult time, you can get results that help you protect your future and your rights. 

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What Is Sexual Assault?

When you are accused of a sex crime charge, you need to know exactly what charges you are facing and what issues you may run into when trying to defend your case. If you are charged with a sex crime and you do not have the extensive experience of a Denver criminal defense attorney on your side, it is easy for those sex crime charges to turn into a conviction.

Sexual assault is defined in Colorado as forced, unlawful sexual contact. In Colorado, you may find that sexual assault is defined in the same way as rape. By law, sexual assault includes any contact that inflicts sexual intrusion or penetration on a victim.

Any of our clients who have been charged with sex offenses may need help avoiding a conviction. If you need help defining and defending your case, reach out to us for the guidance you need to avoid conviction for these devastating crimes.

Penalties for Sexual Assault Convictions

When you are accused of sexual assault, you may face a number of severe penalties. That includes being added to a data network of sex offenders, hefty fines, and prison sentences. These penalties can impact the rest of your life, depending on the severity of the specific charges levied against you. 

For example, someone charged with indecent exposure or internet sexual exploitation may not be facing the same penalties as someone convicted of sexual exploitation of a child. Because of this, you may need to speak with an attorney right away to defend your case, understand the penalties you could face, and avoid a conviction.

Prison Sentence 

Colorado laws determine the penalties you may face for sexual assault and other sex crimes. Any person facing sexual assault charges may need criminal defense attorneys on their side to avoid the harsh penalties ahead.

If you are charged with rape, you may be facing felony charges. These felony charges may include anything from 2 years to life in a state prison in Colorado. Because these are also often violent crimes, you may not have grounds for probation. If you are worried about these penalties, reach out to a lawyer about your options to defend your case.

Financial Penalties 

If you are charged with sex offenses like sexual exploitation, you may face financial consequences for an assault conviction. Colorado sex crime convictions may come with extremely high fines. That means you may be paying thousands of dollars for a conviction.

Keep in mind, however, that you may also be in prison during a conviction. That means you will be unable to work during the time you’re in there, leaving you unable to pay off these debts. That places pressure on your family and can make life more difficult when you are released from prison.

Long-Term Consequences

One of the biggest consequences of a sex crime conviction is that you may be required to register as a sex offender; the registry is handled by the sex offender management board, which includes a list of convicted sex offenders and those accused of crimes involving explicit sexual conduct. 

A sex offender registration can ruin your ability to connect with others and your neighbors. Many people see those on this registry as sexually violent predators, and you may find it difficult to recover socially from these charges.

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Aggravating Factors for a Sexual Assault 

When you are accused of sexual assault, you may also need to protect your claim case from accusations that may lead to aggravating factors being applied to your case. These aggravating factors are sentence enhancers, meaning that they will worsen the penalties you will face for your case.

For example, the alleged victim may claim that you threatened them with a gun during the sexual assault. If a gun was involved in the alleged crime, you may need a gun crime lawyer to help you prove you are not using a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony. 

State law also says that committing a crime in front of children can impact the severity of your case.

For example, if you are accused of sexual assault while a child witnessed it, you may face penalties, not only for the suffering of the victim but also for the child. You may need criminal defense lawyers on your side to ensure you are taking the right steps to prevent these accusations from being laid against you.

Defenses for a Sexual Assault Charge 

When you are accused of a Denver sex offense, you may need an aggressive defense to help you through this criminal charge. Your attorney will conduct a thorough investigation of the criminal charges you are facing and will determine the best path forward when you are accused of rape. 

One of the first defenses that may come to mind is that the victim consented to the act. You may have friends who are willing to testify that the alleged victim was a sexual partner, for example. You may have grounds to prove you were not breaking the law in this way.

Rather than proving consent, you may try proving that no sexual penetration or intrusion occurred. If the alleged victim proceeded to get a rape kit following the incident, there may be evidence that proves you were not the one who committed the crime and that you could not have been the one who committed any penetration or intrusion. 

In other cases, you may simply argue that you are facing false allegations. You may believe that the person is wrongfully pointing to you as the perpetrator, and you may need help proving that you could not have committed the crimes you’re being accused of. 

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Denver Sexual Assault Defense FAQ 

If you are charged with sexual assault, you may be completely unsure where to start with your case. Because of this, you need an attorney on your side as soon as possible. Your attorney can help protect you from devastating convictions that can change your life.

For a case-specific, detailed evaluation of your case, reach out to our law firm to learn more. While you are waiting to speak with an attorney, check out the questions below to learn more about the services we offer. Check out the questions below to learn more about the services we offer.

What happens when I am arrested? 

If you are arrested for any crime, your first step is to remain silent. Anything you say can be used to incriminate you, so only supply basic information like your name and withhold any other information until your lawyer is present. Once you are arrested, you will be booked and your court date will be set. After this, you can contact your lawyer and work on your best defense for your claim. 

What counts as sexual assault in Denver? 

Denver residents may be charged with sexual assault for any unwanted sexual contact, including specifically penetration or intrusion. However, other related sex offenses may impact your case. For example, if you are accused of being on the internet luring victims for sexual misconduct, you may still need a sexual offense attorney on your side to avoid the devastating penalties you may face.

If I am convicted, is my sexual assault case a matter of public record? 

If you are accused of sexual assault in Colorado, your case may be public record. That means anyone can search for the complaint on a relevant court website. Typically, these public records only redact the names of the victims, not those being accused. Because of this, you will need a strong defense to help protect your future and your case. 

Connect with a Denver Sexual Assault Defense Lawyer 

When you are accused of committing a devastating crime, you need aggressive representation on your side to avoid serious legal repercussions for your future. Criminal defense attorneys in the Denver area can help you avoid indeterminate sentencing and can provide legal options for you to avoid convictions of sexual assault. 

When you need a Denver sexual assault defense attorney on your side to conduct investigations and prepare the right defense for your claim, reach out to our team at Weber Law. 

Our law office offers consultations with those who need guidance when accused of a sexual offense. To learn more, contact us by calling or filling out our online form. When accused of a sexual offense. To learn more, contact us by calling or filling out our online form.

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