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There is nothing worse than being injured. Except for being injured on the job and having your benefits denied. Do you object to a final determination of your Worker’s Compensation claim? Let Weber Law help you get the benefits you are entitled to!

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All public and private employers in Colorado with one or more full or part-time employee, with limited exceptions, must provide workers’ compensation coverage for their employees. If you are injured in an accident on the job and file for Worker’s Compensation to cover your medical bills, there are a few important things for you to know.

What Constitutes an Accident?
Under CRS 8-4-201, an accident is defined as an unforeseen event occurring without the will or design of the person whose mere act causes it.

Important Deadlines and Things to Note:
You must notify your employer verbally and in writing within four days of the injury and your employer can designate a healthcare provider for you at that time.
Your employer should file an injury report within ten days of the notice
If your employer fails to file a claim then an employee can do so up to 2 years after the injury.
Your benefits could be denied or reduced when a controlled substance is found to be present in the worker’s system under CRS 8-42-112.5.

An employee can receive workers’ compensation benefits for health care expenses, temporary disability, permanent disability, and death benefits.


If your Worker’s Compensation claim has been denied. You can appeal the decision by filing written notice with the appeals board within thirty days after the employer has exhausted all appeal review procedures that are provided to employers by the insurance company (CRS 8-55-102). Let Weber Law help you get the compensation you deserve!

How Can You Fight It?

If your workers compensation claim has been denied, Weber Law can help you and your employer through the appeals process. We are comfortable and confident working appeals and can work with you to find out why your claim was denied in the first place. At Weber Law we are experienced in workers compensation cases, protocols, and appeals. We have experience winning these cases and getting you the compensation you are entitled to. If you or anyone you know has had a worker’s compensation claim denied in the state of Colorado, call Weber Law today for a consultation.

  • CRS 8-43–101 – Record of injuries
  • CRS 8-43-103- Notice of Injury- time limit
  • CRS 8-43-102 – Notice to Employer of Injury and Failure to Report
  • CRS 8-43–106, 107.5 – Types of Benefits
  • CRS 8-43-114- Death Benefits
  • CRS 8-55-102- Right to appeal-notice of appeal procedures
  • CRS 8-40-201- Definitions
  • CRS 8-42-101- Employer must furnish medical aid- approval of plan-fee schedule-contracting for treatment-no recovery from employee-medical treatment guidelines-accreditation of physicians and other medical providers.
  • CRS-42-112.5- Limitation on payments- use of controlled substances

Contact Weber Law immediately if you’ve been denied a worker’s compensation claim. We offer a free confidential case evaluation. Serving Denver and the surrounding areas.

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Tom Weber’s track record of success in Colorado criminal courts includes representing thousands of cases in which the charges were reduced or dropped. He is dedicated to serving the best interests of his clients. As a staunch advocate for individual rights, Weber ensures each person receives the best defense possible.

When charged with a workers comp crime, you want to be proactive in seeking the services of a knowledgeable criminal attorney as quickly as possible.

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