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Kidnapping Crimes Defense

The crime of kidnapping in Colorado is always charged as a felony even if the victim is not physically harmed. First degree kidnapping requires the imprisonment of another person and or causing someone to move from one place to another by force or unlawful persuasion. First degree kidnapping also requires the element of holding the other person for ransom. The penalties for first degree kidnapping can be as severe as up to 48 years in prison if you used or threatened to use a deadly weapon, up to life in prison if the victim was injured, and even the death penalty if the victim died.

Second degree kidnapping does not include the required element of holding a person for ransom; however, it always involves some kind of movement of the victim from one place to another. If the victim was never moved and their inability to escape was only for a short time, then the crime will usually be charged as the less serious offense of false imprisonment. The felony charge of second degree kidnapping carries up to 8 years in prison and up to a $500,000 fine. The punishment can increase dramatically if you intended to sell or trade the victim, if you possessed and threatened the use of a deadly weapon, if you robbed the victim, or if you committed a sexual offense against the victim by means of force.

Kidnapping and its related offenses carry serious consequences upon conviction. The attorneys at Weber Law possess the knowledge, experience, and skills to aggressively defend you against these charges. Weber Lawyers may use the following arguments and defenses to get your kidnapping related charges reduced, get your case dismissed, or convince a jury that you are not guilty:

-In order to keep the alleged victim safe, you had to move them.
-You never moved the victim at all.
-You were falsely accused and/or the victim of mistaken identity
-You may have had the legal right to move or detain the alleged victim
-The alleged victim consented to going along with you.

If you or someone you know has been accused, charged, or convicted of a kidnapping related offense, contact Weber Law today for a free consultation. We are here to fight and win your case.

  • CRS 18-3-301 First degree kidnapping
  • CRS 18-3-302 Second degree kidnapping
  • CRS 18-3-303 False imprisonment
  • CRS 18-3-304 Violation of custody order/or relating to parental responsibilities
  • CRS 18-3-305 Enticement of a child
  • CRS 18-3-306 Internet luring of a child

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