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If you are under investigation, if law enforcement wants to speak with you, or if you have been charged with a criminal offense, a competent, experienced criminal defense attorney in Colorado can make all the difference in the outcome of your charges. Call Weber Law to discuss your circumstances. Weber Law has helped people facing assault crimes navigate their way to case resolution and reunification with family members.

Having guidance through and an understanding of the criminal process will alleviate stress and allow you to focus your attention on improving your life.

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Burglary Crimes Defense

Under Colorado law, burglary is divided into first degree, second degree, and third degree. Regardless of the degree you are charged with, Burglary is a felony in Colorado. The crime is generally committed when someone knowingly enters or remains unlawfully on someone else’s property with the intent to commit a crime. The degree that is charged depends on who or what is inside the property and the type of property involved. For example, it is more serious to break into an occupied home or building than breaking into a safe full of money. Additionally, if your intent was to steal controlled substances, the punishment increases. The maximum sentence for Burglary in Colorado can be as severe as up to 48 years in prison and up to a $1,000,000 fine. That is why it is crucial to have an experienced defense attorney on your side if you are charged with burglary. The attorneys at Weber Law are here to help you fight and win your case.

Having an attorney who understands the complexities of burglary law in Colorado is imperative to winning your case and ultimately your freedom. For example, how does the term “knowingly” apply to the law of burglary? What does it mean to remain on property unlawfully? Can I still be charged with burglary if I never actually broke into property? What if I only broke into a house for shelter and never intended to commit a crime until I was actually inside? The answers to these questions applied to the facts of your unique case could be the difference between a lengthy jail sentence and getting your charges reduced or dismissed. At Weber Law, our attorneys have the answers and the ability to get you the best possible results. Some of the defenses we may explore in your case include:

-The police conducted an illegal search and seizure.
-You did not form the intent to commit a crime until after you were there.
-You never had intent to commit a crime before or at the time you entered or remained on the property.
-You entered or remained on the property lawfully.

If you are someone you know has been charged with burglary, call Weber Law now and schedule a free consultation. We are ready to meet with you and begin strategizing the most effective defense for your case.

  • CRS 18-4-202 First degree burglary
  • CRS 18-4-203 Second degree burglary
  • CRS 18-4-204 Third degree burglary
  • 18-4-205 Possession of burglary tools
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