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Have you been charged with an offense involving Fraud? Your record could be in Jeopardy!

In California, being charged with fraud can mean paying hefty fines, possible jail time, and destruction of your record. Do not face these charges alone! Let Weber Law help you today!

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California Fraud Charges and Penalties

What is Fraud?

Fraud is considered wrongfully or criminally deceiving a person in order to receive financial or personal gain. There are a few different charges that can be prosecuted as fraud in the State of California. Depending on the circumstances of the situation, a person can be charged with different categories of fraud. Some of these categories include but are not limited to:

Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud can mean any person who knowingly uses a false, fictitious, altered, counterfeit, revoked, expired, stolen, or fraudulently obtained financial transaction card to obtain, or attempt to obtain credit, goods, property, or services. It can not only mean stealing someone else’s credit card to use unlawfully, but also using a card that you tampered with in order to make it work to obtain credit, goods, property, or services. It can even mean selling or transferring a credit card to a person with knowledge that the credit card is fraudulent.


A person is guilty of forgery or producing false documents when with the purpose to defraud someone or knowledge that the person is facilitating fraud, they, alter any writing of another, executes, completes, rewrites a time, place, or number sequence that was not in fact the case, or copy of an original when an original did not exist.

Identity Fraud

A person is guilty of identity fraud when that person knowingly or intentionally uses, or attempts to use, the personal identifying information of another person, whether that person is alive or deceased, with fraudulent intent, including to obtain, or attempt to obtain, credit, goods, services, employment, any other thing of value, or medical information.

What is the Punishment for Fraudulent Offenses in California?

Fraud is punishable by a wide range of sentences but is considered a misdemeanor.  The punishments range from imprisonment for up to one year, a fine, or both.

As the sentence can range so widely, it is important to have knowledgeable legal counsel that can fight for the lowest sentence possible.  It is possible to get a sentence reduction, but it requires an excellent attorney.

*It is important to note that multiple violations of certain categories of fraud can be combined into a single offense, which would likely make the value of the stolen property, money, or object increase. Increasing your likelihood of a felony charge and conviction. A felony charge can damage multiple aspects of your life.

Even as a Defendant, you still have Rights! Make sure yours were not violated!

Even as an individual facing criminal charges, you have rights, and it is important to know those rights and make sure that they were not violated in any way when you were arrested or charged.  Without extensive knowledge of your rights when it comes to police searches, Miranda rights, and your rights when it comes to arrest, it is extremely difficult to get a dismissal or reduction.  Do not try to fight these charges on your own—Weber Law is ready to help you today.

Contact Weber Law immediately if you’ve been arrested on a fraud charge. We offer a free confidential case evaluation – serving Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney

"He did everything he could to solve my case. There was no moment where I felt like I was alone. He went to his full extent to help me lower my charges. Great lawyer.”

Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney

What should I do if I have been accused of Fraud?

If you have been accused of fraud, let Weber Law help you today. It can be a stressful situation to have criminal charges pending and Weber Law will work for you. Let Weber Law work to have your citation dismissed or dropped to a lower offense. If that is not possible, we will negotiate the best deal for you, which could include shorter jail time, no jail time, or a lesser fine. 

There are potential defenses against a charge of fraud including not meaning to use that information or having permission from the person to use that information. Weber Law will look at every aspect of your case, including surveillance footage, eyewitness testimonies, and even your prior criminal record. Let Weber Law build the best defense for you! A charge of fraud on your record could potentially hurt future job offers, especially in the banking industry, and will remain on your record for the rest of your life. Weber Law is experienced in defending these charges and getting you back to a life free of criminal charges. It is never a good idea to face these charges without an attorney. The court room can be intimidating, and you need someone with experience. Any blemish on your record can have detrimental effects on the rest of your life. Let Weber Law’s experienced attorneys fight for you in court. If you or someone you know has been accused of fraud, contact Weber Law today for a consultation.
CA Penal Code § 530.5, Unauthorized use of personal identifying information of another person; attempt to obtain credit, goods, services, real property, or medical information; commission of crime; punishment for first, subsequent or multiple offenses; sale of information; mail theft; liability of computer service or software providers.
CA Penal Code § 530.55, Person; personal identifying information
CA Penal Code § 484i, forgery; access cards and information; equipment to make counterfeit cards

Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney

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