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The Criminal Defense Law Ninjas

Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney

The Criminal Defense Law Ninjas

We practice people law. People law is the type of law focused on strengthening families, individuals, and businesses by personal connection and face-to-face interaction.

We believe that justice is an idea that can triumph only when living people make it so. We are dedicated to justice. We wish to run a business that is at once profitable while allowing us to promote the rights of our fellow community members. We will stand for the poor when they are in need and their cause is just. We will work for any responsible business. We will represent all races, creeds, religions, sexes, sexual orientations and backgrounds.

We solve problems by applying the breadth of our legal knowledge and the depth of our practical experience. We operate with compassion. We act with zeal in everything we do. We carefully research every question before answering. We communicate with each client often and with clarity.

We use precise insight, creativity, and excellent service to protect people accused of crimes so they can sleep well at night

We will work to get you out of jail as soon as humanly possible. We will represent you with passion and confidence. We utilize every opportunity to reduce impact upon your criminal record. More than anything we will help you to stand back up and defend yourself and your life.

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Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney

Our Team

Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney

Thomas D. Weber J.D.

Thomas Weber is an aggressive, careful, and detail oriented defense attorney and litigator. His experience and focus is in defending misdemeanor and felony DUI, drug, violence, and white collar crime. If you have been arrested for any crime in Utah, he can help. Mr. Weber also takes specific consulting cases involving international law. Mr. Weber has worked for the international law firm, Anderson & Anderson LLP, in Shanghai, China. He has worked on civil litigation cases involving real property, contracts, business law, bankruptcy, and intellectual property and has defended hundreds of criminal cases. Mr. Weber served as an LDS missionary to Taichung, Taiwan from 2000-2002. Mr. Weber obtained his law degree from the University of Wyoming in 2009, and his bachelor of arts degree from the University of Utah in English in 2004. He holds an international law certificate from the East China University of Politics and Law. Mr. Weber is admitted to the Utah State Bar. Mr. Weber speaks Chinese and English. He currently resides in Sandy, Utah, but travels often to China and the Philippines. *Licensed in Utah only.

Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney

Michael A. Martin J.D.

Michael Martin is a strategic and savvy Colorado criminal defense attorney. His practical experience as a trial lawyer is primarily concentrated on vigorously defending those accused of property crimes, acts of domestic violence, traffic offenses, violent crimes, and drug related offenses. Mr. Martin is also a huge advocate for those seeking post-conviction relief; including criminal record expungement, record sealing, and appellate work. Mr. Martin’s legal career began in Boston, Massachusetts where he earned his Juris Doctorate from New England Law | Boston. During law school, Mr. Martin was given the John Adams award for demonstrating an outstanding commitment to providing unpaid legal services to those in need. He volunteered his time in the community working with indigent citizens to seal their criminal records and connect them with organizations for job training. Mr. Martin channeled his passion for social and criminal justice to Colorado where he worked as a trial attorney with the public defender’s office. He currently resides in the Denver Metropolitan area. *Licensed in Colorado only.

Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney

Bruce L. Nelson J.D.

Bruce Nelson earned his Juris Doctorate Degree from the J. Reuben Clark Law School at BYU in 2004 and after passing the bar in 2004 earned certification from the Utah Supreme Court to litigate in Utah’s Federal and State Courts. During the early years of his practice Bruce established a litigation firm gaining significant experience in variety of areas including criminal defense, business/commercial, estate, and property, among others. Bruce is beyond excited to be part of the Weber Law team and is dedicated to our client’s and their related issues. *Licensed in Utah only.

Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney

Julia E. Simmons, Esq.

Attorney Julia Simmons began her legal career in California in 2001 working for one of the most prestigious DUI and DMV defense firms in the state of California. In 2008, Attorney Simmons became a certified law clerk, working on hundreds of DUIs in an attorney capacity. In 2010, Ms. Simmons began a practice that focused on vehicle related legal issues such as injuries due to car accidents, multiple offense DUI defense, DMV / DOL defense including negligent operator hearings, medical DMV / DOL hearings, lapse of conscious, and fraud. In 2014, Attorney Simmons was licensed to practice in the State of Washington and has continue to focus on all criminal defense matters and DMV and DOL Defense. Ms. Simmons is a private pilot and has worked as a high alpine mountain guide and frequently enjoys backpacking in the Olympics. In the course of her career, she has on over 20,000 DUI cases including serious felony DUIs such as DUI with Great Bodily Injury, DUI Manslaughter, and DUI Murder. *Licensed in California and Washington.

Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney

Jose D. Marquez (Of Counsel, Immigration)

Mr. Marquez is a native of Cusco, Peru where he is a licensed attorney and member of the Lima Bar Association. His knowledge, professional skill, and experience in the areas of naturalization, family based adjustment, asylum, bankruptcy, family law, and International law, and in assisting attorneys in removal procedures make him an invaluable resource for Weber Law. He has been an attorney regional manager for the LDS church in Peru and has worked for prestigious law firms, La Hoz, De La Flor and Garcia Montufar as well as Manini Law Firm and has interned with Kirton and McConkie and various immigration firms along the Wasatch Front. Mr. Marquez has a Master’s Degree in Comparative Law from Brigham Young University and graduated from the National University of San Marcos with a Bachelor of Law and Political Science Degree in 1987. Mr. Marquez has been a member of the Board of Chasqui Humanitarian Foundation and of the Legal Task Force for ASCEND ALLIANCE in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is currently the Director of Public Relations for LUPEC (Latinos United Promoting Education and Civic Engagement). Mr. Marquez is fluent in both English and Spanish. He enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, being active in his church, and loves painting and writing. In Utah, Mr. Marquez works only as a paralegal in Utah.

Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney

Camilah Wilson

Camilah Wilson is Weber Law’s billing manager. She receives all client payments and manages lawfirm expenses. Her work involves extensive client contact. Camilah has worked for Delta Airlines, Wells Fargo and Discover as a banker. She has also worked as an events planning professional for global clients. Ms. Wilson has a B.S. in Psychology from Far Eastern University in Manila Philippines. She brightens our office with her beautiful smile and her outstanding interpersonal and organizational skills. Ms. Wilson speaks fluent English and Filipino.

Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney

PJ Restor

Mr. Restor is Weber Law’s senior legal assistant and has over 8 years of experience working in legal offices. Mr. Restor acquired his bachelors degree in International Business Management in Brigham Young University of Hawaii. He is currently in charge of the firm's business development and marketing research.

Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney

Jelo Bulseco

Joseph “Jelo” Bulseco is the scheduling assistant of Weber Law LLC. He is in charge of scheduling appointments, communicating with existing clients and plotting calendar activities on a day to day basis. Before he came to Weber Law, he worked at Singapore Airlines as a Cargo and Flight Planner for 2 years and 6 months. Developing relationships with clients is the foundation of everything he does. He is reliable, trustworthy, and understanding, which makes him a perfect fit for this role.

Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney

Nick DeLand

Nick DeLand is Weber Law’s investigator. He is a retired law enforcement officer, son of a prominent criminal defense attorney, and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Ashford University with a bachelor’s degree in Social and Criminal Justice. Mr. DeLand’s law enforcement experience includes uniformed patrol as well as years in various detective assignments, in addition to specialized training in a wide range of subjects including Internet crime, fraud, and financial crime, sex crime, assault, domestic violence, homicide, digital forensics, and many others. Since his retirement from the Salt Lake City Police Department in 2012, Mr. DeLand has conducted extensive and professional private criminal investigations for many of the most prestigious lawyers and firms in Utah and is now a valued member of our team.

*To verify a Weber Law investigator, please call Nick at (801) 810-7875.

Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney

Karla Martinez

Karla Torres Martinez is the legal assistant based in Weber Law’s Denver office. She is in charge of scheduling appointments, intake for new clients, and administrative tasks. She has a deep passion for criminal and social justice and earned her bachelor's degree in Political Science from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2020. She is also bilingual, speaking English and Spanish fluently, she uses this skill to assist with in-office translation.

Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney

Lehi Cruz

Mr. Cruz is a Senior Paralegal in Weber Law's Draper, Utah office. Mr. Cruz is currently assigned to assist our Utah based lawyers with complex court paper works as well as updating our clients with their case status.

Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney

Karla Rodriguez

Karla Rodriguez is Weber Law's Immigration Legal Assistant. Miss Rodriguez have been working with immigration proceedings since 2015, she is bilingual in Spanish and English. Miss Rodriguez is in charge of administrative task for immigration process such as waivers, "U" Visas, Consular process, Asylum and Removal proceeding.

Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney

What to do When You’re in Trouble

Police and prosecutors are responsible to diligently pursue criminal charges whenever possible. If you or someone you love has been accused of a crime, you need to know your rights.

1. You have the right to remain silent. You should remain silent! The police can ask you questions. You do not have to answer them.

2. You have the right to have a qualified attorney represent you. Demand an attorney immediately.

3. Do not consent to any search of your self, your car, your home, your computer or cell phone, or any of your personal effects.

Our Clients Are Innocent Until Proven Guilty

We have successfully represented many people who are truly innocent but even if you have committed a crime there are many many things that we can do to help you including fighting the charges all the way to trial if necessary or negotiating plea deals so that you can potentially avoid jail, prison, fines, or a criminal record. We will fight just as aggressively for you regardless of whether you are innocent or guilty.

We have experience in defending all types of criminal cases. We are here and we are eager to help. Our results oriented attorneys will support you in your goals. You don’t have to go through this alone. We understand what you are going through and we can help.

Weber Law Criminal Defense Attorney
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